Adolescents and Music Therapy

Research Reviews

As part of our commitment to providing evidence-based care, The Harrison Center’s music therapists regularly review summarize important music therapy research relevant to our patients. Please let us know if you have an article or topic you’d like to see summarized here! 

What role can “chaos” have in a music therapy session?

Playing With Chaos: Broadening Possibilities for How Music Therapist’s Consider
Chaos in Group Work With Young People

Researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia surveyed existing literature to explore how “chaos”, or a sense of disorder or confusion, within music therapy sessions can benefit the therapeutic process.

What music therapy intervention is used to address anxiety and relaxation?

Comparing Three Music Therapy Interventions for Anxiety and Relaxation

in Youth with Amplified Pain
In studying the impact of music therapy on pediatric chronic pain, researchers from Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City compared the effects of three music interventions on anxiety and relaxation levels of youth with amplified pain syndromes…

How Can Music Therapy Improve Attention in Adolescents with ASD?

The Effect of Musical Attention Control Training (MACT) on Attention Skills of Adolescents with Neurodevelopmental Delays: A Pilot Study

While previous works have demonstrated music may benefit attention related behaviors in individuals with ASD, researchers from Queens University of Charlotte and Colorado State University emphasized a lack of studies on specific music therapy protocols…

What Other Populations Can Music Therapy Serve? – Adolescents

The Resilience Songwriting Program for Adolescent Bereavement: A Mixed Methods Exploratory Study

In highlighting prior research on health and safety risks of unmanaged grief symptoms, as well as that on benefits of general music therapy for grief reduction, researchers from Drexel University made a case for exploring the impacts of specific music therapy intervention on adolescent bereavement…

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