We have a lot to be thankful for after having an eventful 2017.

In this edition of the Harrison Center newsletter, you’ll learn:

Harrison House Rock

Our second annual Harrison House Rock was a success! We had a great time mingling and showing off our clients’ talents with family and friends. Congratulations to all those who performed – all of our clients shined so bright on stage!

Stay tuned for our third annual Harrison House Rock in 2018!

Welcoming 2018 with Gratitude

We are so proud to call Houston our home. Hurricane Harvey left a devastating mark on Houston back at the end of August. Our hearts and thoughts go out to our families, friends and community who have been affected by Harvey and are still experiencing the aftermath as rebuilding and recovery continues. We are thankful that even with the destruction and loss that Harvey left in its wake, our city came back stronger, more compassionate and more resilient than ever!

Congratulations to our Houston Astros for winning the 2017 World Series! With 2018 right around the corner, we wanted to share with our families and friends that the Harrison Center Family is starting the New Year with a focus on Gratitude.

Tips on Writing Goals for the New Year

The New Year is almost here and with the New Year comes new goals we can set for ourselves. At HCMT, our therapists have many years of experience writing functional goals for our clients.

Here are some SMART tips to help with your personal New Year’s goals:

  • Specific: Define the goal as much as possible:
    • What do you want to accomplish?
    • Where will it be done?
    • How will it be done?
  • Measurable: Make sure the goal is measurable:
    • How will you measure the progress?
    • What are the criteria for accomplishing the goal?
    • Is the goal able to be consistently and easily tracked?
  • Attainable: Make sure the goal is realistic:
    • Is this goal attainable?
    • If so, create small realistic goals/objectives on the path to your big goal.
  • Relevant: The goal should serve a greater purpose:
    • What is the purpose of the goal?
    • Will it help you become your best self?
  • Timely: The goal:
    • Can this goal be reasonably accomplished in a year’s worth of time?

Example goal: I will work out for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week to live a healthier lifestyle.

Year in Review

HCMT’s goal in 2017 was to continue to be a game changer for music therapy treatment in our community and a leader in healthcare in our nation. As the year comes to an end we have some profound results:

  • The 19th US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Director of National Institutes for Health, Francis Collins and four-time Grammy Award Winner, Renee Fleming announced their collaboration with efforts of furthering the funding and research of music and neuroscience.  This focus is on continuing to justify the need for music therapy as a standard treatment modality in healthcare.
  • Music Therapy was featured during the National Memorial Day Concert showing its benefits as a treatment modality in rehabilitation when working with veterans after injury.
  • Musician, Ben Folds, continues to show support and advocate for music therapy.
  • HCMT treated 120 clients.
  • HCMT created and strengthened 4 partnerships.
  • HCMT participated in continuing education in 2 big ways.
  • HCMT educated the community with 10 presentations.
  • HCMT participated in 26 webinars and trainings.
  • HCMT developed 3 new systems for our families and therapists to streamline treatment.
  • HCMT participated in advocacy for music therapy recognition reaching 181 Texas legislators.
  • HCMT provided community outreach and donations for general funding and Hurricane Harvey Relief in 33 ways.
  • HCMT provided 1 new funding source for families.
  • HCMT collaborated with more than 35 team meetings and gatherings.
  • HCMT provided healthcare for the first time for all employees.
  • HCMT began our first of many music therapy research projects.
  • HCMT helped to fund $43,525 in scholarships for those otherwise unable to receive music therapy treatment.

We would love for you to come along and share this journey with us as we continue to advocate, educate, treat, develop, foster, give and validate that music therapy is a vitally beneficial part of a person’s success in treatment for all ages, diagnoses and needs!

Important dates and events

12/12/17 – Hanukkah begins
12/20/17 – Hanukkah ends
12/25/17 – Christmas (Closed)
12/26/17 – Kwanzaa begins
1/1/18 – Kwanzaa ends
1/1/18 – New Years Day (Closed)
1/15/18 – MLK Jr. Day
2/14/18 – Valentine’s Day
2/19/18 – President’s Day
Reminders: Reschedule for the holidays!