Recent Research

Recent music therapy research

As part of our commitment to providing evidence-based care, The Harrison Center’s music therapists regularly review summarize important music therapy research relevant to our patients. Please let us know if you have an article or topic you’d like to see summarized here! 

Can music therapy be used to treat co-morbid disorders?

Music Therapy to Regulate Arousal and Attention in Patients with Substance Use Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Feasibility Study

A collaborative effort of researchers from ArtEZ University of the Arts, VU University, and Tactus Addiction Care in the Netherlands, examined impacts of a recently developed music therapy protocol on attention and arousal regulation in individuals with both substance use disorder (SUD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…

Where does technology fit into music therapy?

A Humanistic Understanding of the Use of Digital Technology in Therapeutic Songwriting

As digital technology continues to alter the way we create and consume music, research from Montclair State University has delved into how its role in therapeutic songwriting can help adolescents to feel a sense of autonomy, express emotions, share personal experiences, and develop a sense of self.

How can music therapy improve attention?

Assessing the Impact of Music Therapy on Sensory Gating and Attention in Children with Autism: A Pilot and Feasibility Study

In an effort to progress understanding of physiological responses to music intervention, researchers from Colorado State University examined the impact of a music therapy protocol on sensory processing and attention in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)….

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